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Search Engine Optimization


Search marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts.

Originally called “search engine marketing,” the shorter phrase “search marketing” is now often used as the umbrella term over SEO and SEM. The longer phrase “search engine marketing” — or SEM — is now typically used to describe paid search activities.

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Less time monitoring. More time optimizing.

Grow your business and revenue with the best online rank tracker.

Reliable Web Based Rank Tracking

Monster Development SEO Reports is the first web-based rank tracker capable to deliver localized rankings with pinpoint accuracy. And not because we say so, but because our system is backed by geolocation proxies from Trusted Proxies.

On demand or scheduled ranking updates

Unlike other rank trackers, Monster Development SEO Reports allows you to optimize your use of resources and the costs to get rankings. You can easily gather your rankings automatically and enjoy uninterrupted results, or get fresh data on-demand

Perfect Solution For Your Team

Grant access to your campaigns for an unlimited number of team members they can visualize or edit the data at any time.

Advanced Reporting

Say goodbye to FTP configurations and get easy access to your SEO reports with a seamless reporting experience.

Perfect Solution For Your Team

Grant access to your campaigns for an unlimited number of team members they can visualize or edit the data at any time.

Advanced Reporting

Say goodbye to FTP configurations and get easy access to your SEO reports with a seamless reporting experience.

Clean and easy to use interface

Monster Development SEO Reports offers a seamless and enjoyable user experience, with a friendly and intuitive user interface, easy navigation and a comprehensive dashboard.

Simple project setup

Setting up a new SEO campaign has never been easier. Just enter your website, choose how often you want to get fresh rankings, select your target search engines, add the keywords you want to track and we will get started on your SEO project right away.

Uninterrupted and accurate ranking results

Even though the search engines are constantly improving their algorithms, so do we. Automated tests are running daily to ensure that Monster Development SEO reports is retrieving the ranking data with pinpoint accuracy.

Easy online data sharing

Monster Development SEO Reports provides you with various options to share your SEO progress. You can easily share data by email, or invite your clients and coworkers to see their rankings online.

Works on mobile devices

Monster Development SEO Reports has a responsive design and looks amazing on mobile devices offering you the possibility to check your ranking data from anyplace your business takes you.

A+ customer support

Our top priority is to keep our customers completely satisfied while using our service. So, if you have any suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to hear from you.
SERP Ranking

Search Engine Ranking Positions

Monitor your positions in all of the top search engines.

Slash unnecessary reporting time with…

Easy rank tracking online

No more worries about getting fresh rankings on time for reporting. Monster Development SEO Reports takes over the workload, so you can spend less time tracking and more time focused on your business.

  • Simple project setup
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 100% mobile friendly

Easily Track Rankings
International Support

Enjoy accurate results with…

Support for international markets

Overcome location limitations and get accurate ranking results, no matter where the searches are based globally, with accurate search marketing data you can trust.

  • Results from 50+ countries
  • Custom Google Location
  • Special characters in keywords

Stay one step ahead of your competition with…

Reliable competitor rank tracking

Pay close attention to your local and global competitors. Monster Development SEO Reports gives you powerful insights on what it takes to stay competitive in your business niche, for the keywords you target.

  • Discover your top competitors in the SERPs
  • Compare all websites side-by-side
  • Track rankings performance over time

Competitor Monitoring
Flexible Ranking Updates

Enjoy effective control over reporting frequency with…

Flexibility of updating rankings

Use Monster Development SEO Reports to easily control how often to report your rankings, according to your own business needs.

  • On demand or scheduled data updates
  • Select the number of result pages
  • 3,000+ local and global search engines


Get Accurate Local Search Ranking Reports

Target local search regions to gain new customers in your area.

Feel confident knowing you get precise ranking data with…

Accurate local rankings

Tired of guessing where your local business landed in the SERP? Use Monster Development SEO Reports to get laser-targeted local rankings with pinpoint accuracy and turn your rank tracking into the most reliable source of insights.
  • City-level ranking data
  • Local / Maps results
  • Places listings
Local Search Rankings
Universal search rankings

Get a better view of your performance in the SERPs with…

Universal search rankings

Image and video blocks are a great opportunity to grab the searcher’s attention. Start tracking your universal search entries to get a rigorous evaluation of your website’s presence in the search engines.
  • Identify your best performing content
  • Compare results with competitors
  • Get data from international Google domains

See results from mobile devices out-of-the-box with…

Be ahead of the search marketing trend, as mobile devices become more and more important in our daily life. Monster Development SEO Reports provides on demand keyword rankings from mobile search engines.
  • Mobile user agents
  • Local results for Mobile
  • Data from multiple Search Engines
Mobile search tracking
YouTube search results

Monitor your video rankings with…

YouTube search results

Enrich your ranking reports with insights from the second largest search engine and report effortlessly on how well your video promotion campaigns are performing in search.
  • Track your keyword positions on YouTube
  • Compare video rankings with competitors
  • Track video URLs on other search engines

Connect Your SEO Reports To Google Analytics

We merge your ranking reports and traffic stats together in one place.

Ensure your SEO campaigns bring traffic and sales with…

Google Analytics Integration

Traffic coming to your website is the best indicator of an effective SEO campaign. Monster Development SEO Reports combines traffic stats with rank tracking data, so you can easily associate your SEO efforts with your traffic performance.
  • Measure the revenue generated by each traffic source
  • Correlate traffic with visibility score and other rank metrics
  • See traffic data in your ranking reports
Google Analytics Integration
Traffic Share Data

See how many visits your keywords actually get with…

Google Webmaster Tools Integration

Compare the estimated search volume of a keyword with the number of clicks the term actually receives to discover which keywords are worth focusing your optimization efforts on.
  • Identify the keywords with biggest traffic returns
  • See exactly where you rank for each keyword
  • Visualize keywords performance over time
Social Media Reach

Monitor Your Social Media Reach Online

See the effects social media is having on your business growth.

Get the full picture of your social growth potential with…

Metrics from 5 different platforms

Monster Development SEO Reports monitors shares from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest to give you a better understanding of the actual impact your social media activity has over your business.
  • Track the evolution in time of social shares
  • Enjoy competitive stats displayed in beautiful charts
  • Get your social data refreshed daily
Comptetive Insights
Facebook and Twitter Integration

Measure the level of social engagement with…

Facebook and Twitter integration

Sync all your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts with Monster Development SEO Reports to discover how well your online business manages to engage with your fans and followers.
  • Unlimited Facebook pages
  • Unlimited Twitter accounts
  • Real time updates

Example Social Media Marketing and SEO Reports

Search Marketing Package Pricing

Select your Search Marketing package and we will help you improve your Search Engine Rankings!

  • SEO Reports
    $297 monthly
    • Website Home Page Optimization
    • Up to 15 Keywords / Key Phrase Research
Site Performance Speed Testing
    • Google SERP Reporting
    • Bing SERP Reporting
    • Google Analytics Installation
    • Google Webmaster Services Setup and Verification
    • Detailed Monthly Progress Reports To Your Email
    • Includes up to 3 hours per month of link building
  • SEO Reports ELITE
    $897 monthly
    • Complete Website Optimization
    • Up to 80 Keywords / Key Phrase Research
    • 6 Custom Targeted Landing Pages
    • Content Creation and Link Building
    • Enhancement Of Site Code
Site Performance Speed Testing
    • Google SERP Reporting
    • Bing SERP Reporting
    • Google Local SERP Reporting
    • Bing Local SERP Reporting
    • YouTube Video SERP Reporting
    • Social Media Reach Monitoring
    • Website Minify
    • Google Analytics Installation
    • Google Webmaster Services Setup and Verification
    • Monitor Competitors' Search Rankings and Compare Progress
    • Detailed Monthly Progress Reports To Your Email
    • Includes up to 9 hours per month of link building

Frequently Asked Questions

What If My Website is Hosted Somewhere Else?

Yes. We are happy to assist you with your online business whether you are hosting your website with us or another provider.

Can You Guarantee Me Top Placement On Google?

No. No one can, there are certainly things you can do to get good placement, but no one can truly guarantee any search results. Search companies make those decisions and Google as well as other often make adjustments to the results they show. Many companies, not just yours, are working to get top placement and the results can change due to competition and new content being added to the web.

Monster Development follows all the suggestions from google and other search engines and we work with our clients to create content and products that users will see value in. Good content and simply being better than your competition in your marketing efforts will naturally lead to good placement. Good SEO is about a good technical foundation, good content, and ongoing strategy.

Why Do I Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Good SEO is imperative for your website to be ranked at or near the top of search results pages. The end goal of SEO is to get a website to rank in the #1 spot on search engines like Google, or at least on the first page as this will provide your company with maximum visibility and encourage visitors to your website.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website so it performs well in organic search. The use of relevant keywords increases the visibility of a website and leads to more visitors to the actual website.